That’s right, now is your chance.  Show us just how much better you can do this than I can.  You know how we work.  Court draws a comic and then passes it to me to come up with a caption of dialog.  Think you have what it takes?

Simply send us YOUR caption or dialog between now and midnight (EST) August 3rd and we’ll pick a winner.  The winning submission will be worked up and posted on Sunday, August 5th here on


  • It’s not rocket science.  Send us your caption of dialog (you need to make sure you’ve made it clear who says what) via our contact page.
  • One submission per person (so make it count).
  • All decisions are final.  If you think your submission was funnier than the one we pick, blame Court, I said yours was way funnier.
  • Winner receives a high-resolution, printable version of their stixite, plus serious bragging rights over that guy in the cubicle in the corner of the office…. oh yeah, he tried too, but his was so unfunny, it’s not even worth telling you what he did.
  • Anything not covered here, we didn’t think of at the time, so if you decide to enter, you do so in full knowledge that we are doing this in a VERY half-arsed manner and you can’t sue us, ‘cos you knew ahead of time just how amateurish we run things here.


I guess in fairness, we’ll have to eventually have a contest where Dale provides the words, and YOU draw the stick figure.


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